Renting VR equipment

Rent VR goggles in our showroom! We offer the best wireless VR goggles on the market – Oculus Quest 1 & 2. Of course, each bundle includes dozens of games and applications, including Beat Saber, Elven Assassin, and many more!

Pick up the equipment on the same day from our point and enjoy many hours of fun with VR

Two sets to choose from

Oculus Quest 1

Autonomous and wireless VR goggles that completely revolutionized the virtual reality market and broke all sales records!

No more connecting the equipment with a cable to the computer and setting up base stations - turn on the goggles with one button and start playing immediately.

You do not need a computer to play the Oculus Questa! However, it is possible to connect to a PC if we want to play PC VR games.

Oculus Quest 2

The second generation of Oculus Quest is the best wireless VR goggles on the market today!

Better image quality, a lighter housing and a more powerful processor are the things that have been improved in the Oculus Questa 2 compared to its predecessor.

As in the case of Oculus Quest 1, this equipment does not require connection to a computer. However, it is possible to connect to a PC if we want to play PC VR games.

Haptyczna vest simulating the touch Woojer Vest Edge

Move into the world of virtual reality with the haptic vest and feel the breeze on you, the balls of enemies flying through the air and the bass punch of your favorite songs!

Watch your favorite action movies, experiencing explosions, music and built-up tension on your skin, thanks to the combination of the vest with your TV or computer!

Just plug in your phone, computer, tablet, VR headset – any device with the ability to play sound and enjoy a higher level of gaming, music and movies!

As part of the service, we provide:

  • a complete set of selected VR glasses
  • a guide on how to start the equipment
  • telephone advice to solve the problem
  • disinfection of equipment
  • extensive game library

The list of games with their descriptions can be found at the bottom of the page. It is not complete, if you want to know if we have your favorite game and it is not on the list – contact us!

*Attention ! The list of games may differ depending on the selected VR headset. In order to get acquainted with the exact list of applications on each VR set, please visit the subpages regarding the rental of a specific set or contact us at

The VR kit includes:

  • Selected VR goggles with two controllers
  • Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT headphones
  • Powerbank Anker allowing an additional 4 hours of play!
  • A specially adapted headband for a better wearing comfort of the headset
  • Face cushion to be replaced after each customer

Rental rules

After placing the order, signing a contract for renting a VR kit is required. The contract will be delivered with the hardware. You can download it here – Equipment-Rental-Agreement.docx

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