Bachelor parties

Organize a bachelor party in an original way!

Invite up to 16 guests and parachute together or take a rollercoaster ride without leaving Warsaw!

Play one of over 50 virtual reality action, shooter or simulation games.

Organizing a bachelor party is not the easiest one, but thanks to virtual reality you have the opportunity to enrich your party with something special.

We have 10 VR stations equipped with the latest wireless VR equipment and PC, which allow you to use a large group of VR games and applications. You can see some of them on our Games or Simulations website. These includ a rollercoaster ride, a jump from a building from the 80th floor, music games, shooters and boxing fights..

In our showroom, we can organize a party for up to 16 people. Additionally, we provide food and drinks according to the wishes of our clients.

We are also happy to meet other unusual ideas for your integration event!

Contact us, to find out more about the offer and pricing.

Food offer – click to download

VR rental for stag parties

Are you looking for an original idea for a bachelor party?

We offer rental of VR stations, which will be an excellent attraction for such an event. Traveling through virtual reality will allow you and your guests to experience a world where there are no limits!

When you decide to rent this type of attraction, you can be sure that no one will be bored. We guarantee an unforgettable experience, a dose of adrenaline and a lot of laughter.

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