Business parties

Organize a company or team-building event in one of the 2 largest showrooms in Poland!

We have showrooms in Wilanów and Warsaw Praga!

We guarantee you amazing fun, both during games where you will be socializing or competing, as well as during simulations and single-player games!

We have the largest VR area in Warsaw, we offer over 50 best VR applications, including multiplayer games, shooters, drawings, role-playing games and descriptions!

Invite up to 60 guests, and we will take care of the preparation of attractions, refreshments and we will take care of the preparation of guests

Salon in Wilanowie

Our salon in Wilanów has up to 8/9 game stands.

All stations are equipped with the newest and wireless Oculus Quest 2 goggles, ensuring great gameplay comfort!

In the salon, we have VR stands, as well as a gastronomic zone for those willing to rest.

Jump from the 80th floor of the building, take a roller-coaster ride, shoot orcs with friends, compete in a boxing game and much more attractions. And much more attractions.

Team building, competition and emotions with colleagues from work guaranteed!

For those who are hungry for a 90s gaming experiences , Retro gaming stations are waiting with hundreds of games, and for those who are just hungry – a comfortable place at the table with snacks.

Write to us and find out the details of organizing a corporate event in our showroom!

Salon in Pradze

The largest VR location in Poland with a place for up to 40 people! F

260 square metres of space , including as many as 25 VR stations equipped with the latest VR goggles, as well as two racing stations and a chillout zone with sofas and a PS5 console!

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