What makes us special?

We use Oculus Quests, equipment stripped of all wires that makes the experience even more fluent and fun. In our vr center we can accommodate up to 8 people simultaneously.

Apart from games, we also offer wide variety of educational content, sporting events and tourist attractions in VR. Here are some of our most popular titles:



Beat saber – Music game in which you slash moving blocks with sabers to the rhythm of a song.

Nature Treaks – Travel to variety of sceneries such as desert island, African safari and wild forest.

 Superhot VR – Time moves only if you do. Destroy your enemies before they get to you.

Ocean Rift – Swim in the ocean, observe sea creatures and explore unknown secrets of the deep waters.

Half-Life Alyx – Classic game now in new, VR setting. Play adventure based shooter that became one of the most anticipated VR games of this year.

Titans of Space – Go for a 20-minute journey through our solar system and discover the endless world around us.

Dead&Buried – Team up with other players online and kill your enemies on this western looking scenery.

Tilt Brush – Grab a brush, pick a colour and let your imagination guide your hand creating a 3D masterpiece.

Elven Assassin – Become an archer and defend the village from coming orcs or take on your chances and challenge your friends on a pvp map.

National Geographic – Explore antarctica, travel in a kayak, watch penguins and take photos of the Northern lights.

Arizona Sunshine – Go on a trip through burned Arizona deserts, find ammo in abandoned cars and houses and do everything you can to survive zombie apocalypse.

Mission ISS – Travel to an international space station and discover how astronauts live in no gravity environment.

Minecraft – Experience this classic game in virtual reality. Build your own world using only hexagons and hide from the hostile mobs.

Star Chat – Explore the sky, watch the planets and get to know how they move. Get to know the stars and how they merge into constellations.

Click here to see the full list.

Organize an event with us

Contact us if you seek for a place to integrate with your colleagues, host a  birthday party or arrange a casual meeting with your friends.


Use our email (kontakt@oazavr.pl) or phone number (792 939 394) to book an experience.

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